Fabio Cataldo

Fabio Cataldo

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First Name * Fabio
Last Name * Cataldo
Username * Cataldus
Country * United Kingdom
City London
Nationality Italian / Brazilian
Languages PortugueseItalianEnglish


Current Position freelancer
Current Company cataldus3d.com.br
Areas of Expertise computer graphics generalistmotionVideography
Preferred Tools 3D artist generalist2D/3D Ilustration3D modelling and animation3DSMAXMayaRhinocerosZbrushMentalRay and Vray renderersCINEMA 4DAfter EffectsMatrix


Availability: Freelance
Website www.cataldus3d.com.br


  • UFRJ - Federal University of Brazil Scenography Bachelor degree


Background in arts and computers, graduated in stage design with specialization in computer graphics.Drawing, design and animation.Strong interest in science.
Above what I would write in blog:
I aint to be an writer, but I love to talk and express my feelings by any form of art. This one is my second blog created in not less than two week. I didnt mean create the first one even the second. http://cataldus3d.blogspot.com is the blog I write in portuguese and I put there what comes to my head or my heart without commitment. Here I will try only to talk about computer graphics and Ill try to be correct with my english, so apologize my mistakes.
First of all, lets feedback a little bit. In 1989 I had two childhood dreams: to buy a little motorcycle (called mobilette here in Brasil) and/or to buy a computer (a old and used msx expert). I asked for my relatives that give any money instead gifts in this year. I got some bucks and I bought my first personal computer. It was the first step to learn a lot of BASIC programming, after with years I studied other stuff like ms-dos, lotus123, wordstar, dbaseIIIplus...
I wont extend this boring talk with much details, but I learned computers repair and I made a course of 3D Studio R4 (dont remember exatcly what "R", lol) but in this time I used to play with Caligari´s Truespace. A little more story, my second pc was IBM´s PS2 286 with 1 Mb RAM and 44Mb of harddisk I remember to run windows 3.1 was a miracle. After some years, I got to put together some pieces and build a 486, I played with truespace with this one. I had no money and just got buy a sufficient computer in 2001 more or less with my own work money. It was a Pentium 3. In january of current year I built a dualcore and now I can work free with 3D and video.
I wrote all this boring story because to many people the thing come so slowly, but it comes.
I dreamed with learn Maya, 3DSMax and all these software we can handly today.
Now we can beautiful works in cgtalk, it makes me so happy.